Vital Information
Central Florida Aerospace Academy
Kathleen High School
4141 Medulla Road
Lakeland, FL  33811

Phone:  (863) 413-3620

Areas of Interest:  Aerospace, Engineering

CFAA Success Stories


Timothy "T" Pollock

Central Florida Aerospace Academy

I decided to pursue the Academy instead of a traditional high school because my goal is to attend the Air Force Academy and then become a pilot. The school's location and academic standards were big draws for me. The school is located at the Lakeland airport; there's no better place for the CFAA. I also really liked the dual enrollment options that the school offered which will help me get a head start in college. CFAA also offers incentives, like going to NASA, so that students strive for high GPA's. In my opinion, the academy experience is much better than the traditional high school experience because the entire school is focused on the goal of the student's interests of aviation and engineering. This provides a learning environment that interests me and motivates me to work harder. Another reason that the academy experience is better than a traditional high school is simply due to size. There are fewer students enrolled in the Central Florida Aerospace Academy then there are in most freshman classes at a traditional high school. It is really easy to get to know almost everyone at the school and the teacher to student ratio is pretty small which is very helpful if you are having trouble in a specific class and need a little extra help. I feel that this academy has put me one step closer to my goals and aspirations.