Distribution/Supply Chain Management Academies

Intermodal Academy

Fort Meade Middle/Senior High School

Lead Teacher:  Thomas Hoien
Phone:  (863) 285-1180
Fax:  (863) 285-1186

700 Edgewood Dr N
Fort Meade, FL  33841

Intermodal logistics involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.


Kathleen High School

Lead Teacher:  Malinda Pough
Phone:  (863) 499-2215
Fax:  (863) 499-2766

1100 Red Devil Way
Lakeland, FL  33815

Kathleen High School’s Distrotek Academy is a joint partnership with Room’s To Go. The Distrotek Academy provides students with skills for the workplace in the area of distribution, supply chain management, and marketing. In the process of their studies, each student will be challenged to become an effective and professional employee. Students will understand that strong leadership is accomplished through ethical policies, professional work environments, and effective teamwork.