Web Design Academies

Academy of Design and Technology

George Jenkins High School

Lead Teacher:  Jessica Salas
Phone:  (863) 648-3566
Fax:  (863) 648-3573

6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

The Academy of Design and Technology is a four-year information technology career and professional academy offering industry certification and specific career pathways. Articulation, dual enrollment, and business/ education partnerships will be emphasized. Students will work in small supportive, motivational communities with the opportunity to earn college credit. This will prepare them for careers in the high-growth, high-salary fields of a Digital Assistant Designer, Assistant Web Designer and/or Television Production Operator.

Multimedia Communications Academy

Lakeland High School

Lead Teacher:  Janell Marmon
Phone:  (863) 499-2900
Fax:  (863) 499-2917

726 Hollingsworth Rd
Lakeland, FL  33801

At the MCA, our goal is to give students real world work experiences in an industry that they have a genuine interest in. Students can choose either Web, TV/Video, or Digital Audio Production as a main area of focus.

LHMS Pre-Academies

Lakeland Highlands Middle School

Lead Teacher:  Tammy Epperson
Phone:  (863) 648-3500
Fax:  (863) 648-3580

740 Lake Miriam Dr
Lakeland, FL  33813

The Lakeland Highlands Middle School Pre-Academies have a choice of six exciting tracks; AER(Aviation, Engineering, Robotics), Culinary, Medical, Video Game Development, A&E (Arts & Entertainment) and Media Design. These tracks provide middle school students with real-world exposure to career specific curriculum through electives.

Digital Imagery Academy

McKeel Academy

Lead Teacher:  Heather Torres
Phone:  (863) 499-2818
Fax:  (863) 603-6339

1810 West Parker Street
Lakeland, FL  33815

The Digital Imagery Academy is a three-year career and professional academy which offers Industry Certifications in Adobe products such as: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, and Premiere. Students learn skills that prepare them for high paying jobs in design, advertising or media.


Ridge Community High School

Lead Teacher:  Amanda McCallister
Phone:  (863) 419-3315
Fax:  (863) 419-3321

500 Orchid Drive
Davenport, FL  33837

The BOLTs Academy (Building Opportunities for Leaders of Tomorrow) seeks to prepare students to be leaders in their social networks, communities, and future careers. Students are given the tools and opportunities to practice good leadership skills through peer mentoring, service learning, and hands-on technology certification. Students who graduate from this academy will be prepared to excel as a leader in any career they choose to pursue.

Roc Com

Tenoroc High School

Lead Teacher:  Tami Grimes
Phone:  (863) 614-9183
Fax:  (863) 614-9192

4905 Saddle Creek Road
Lakeland, FL  33801

ROC COM communications academy focuses on visual and multimedia publications used in everyday life. Students will design and create commercials, movies, daily news segments, documentaries, music videos, brochures, flyers, billboards, websites, the school's yearbook and newspaper, books, and more. Students will also learn how to market these products in today's high tech society and learn what trends are forcing the publication industry to go high tech.