Vital Information
Academy of Engineering
6000 Lakeland Highlands Road
Lakeland, FL  33813

Lead Teacher:  James Heuslein
Phone:  (863) 648-3566
Fax:  (863) 648-3573

Areas of Interest:  Engineering

Student Focus
Wesley Varughese

Wesley Varughese

I chose to be a part of the Engineering Academy because I enjoy inventing new products and also I love to find solutions to everyday problems. I enjoy hands-on activities. In the Engineering Academy, we learn the science behind inventions. I love to learn how things work. I take apart remote control cars and put them back together. I enjoy technology a lot.

Also the reason why an academy is a better choice than a traditional high school path is because when you are in a career academy you have an idea of what you will do in college. Some people who take a plain high school path have no idea what they will do after high school. They first might want to deal with the medical field, and then they switch to business. Parents lose lots of money on education for no reason because their children can't make up their mind on what they will do as a job.

My great point average has changed because I learned more and my brain has expanded to learn more than from my other classes. My attendance has gotten better because every day I can't wait to go to the Engineering Academy. We always do something new.

Academy of Engineering Overview

The Academy of Engineering is the joint effort of GJHS, Polk State College, and the business community to give relevant and comprehensive training regarding the field of Engineering and Manufacturing. Students involved in the Academy of Engineering will be held to the highest standards of educational and professional excellence. Students that complete the Academy classes and pass the MSSC certification exam will receive college credit at Polk State College.


  • MSSC Certification
  • College Credit
  • Learning While Having Fun


George Jenkins Engineering Academy Flyer

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