Vital Information
Multimedia Communications Academy
Lakeland High School
726 Hollingsworth Rd
Lakeland, FL  33801

Phone:  (863) 499-2900

Areas of Interest:  Web Design, Video Production, Graphic Design

Student Focus
Christian Fluitt

Christian Fluitt

I choose to pursue the Multimedia Communications Academy at Lakeland Senior High School because of my interest in TV production and web design. By participating in MCA I have had the chance to learn skills that are used professionally, and those same skills have proven to be extremely valuable. Throughout the course of my involvement with the academy, I have learned video production and web design skills through hands on activities where I have had to produce various projects both in class and in the real world. Being a part of MCA motivates me to attend school even more because I simply look forward to coming to class to learn new skills and to work on new projects. In the future, I see myself pursuing a career in communications, whether it is in broadcasting or some form of information technology industry.

Had I not joined the academy at LHS, I would have never had the chance to experience producing a media project like I did in an internship with the City of Lakeland. In addition, MCA has allowed me to experience real life production with live jumbotron events at Bryant Stadium.

My entire experience in the MCA has been great! There is no other path that I would have rather taken while in high school. I look forward to continuing my education and working with media production and communications long after graduating high school.

MCA News

Lakeland Raiders Logo

MCA Becomes Official Game Day Media Coverage for Lakeland Raiders

The Multimedia Communications Academy is the official game day media team for the indoor football team, Lakeland Raiders. MCA students will be responsible for creating content for the Raiders games which will be viewble on the Raiders website,, and the LHS Student Community Newspaper, Bagpipe.

The academy will be utilizing the Journalism, Video, and Web students to assist with covering the Raiders. The Audio students will soon be added to the mix of media coverage. In the works is the possibility of doing live radio broadcasting for games.

Disney Teaches Student Journalists How to Emulate Leadership

On February 22, MCA students attended the Disney Youth Program, held in Orlando, Fla. The Disney Youth Program series was designed for participants to learn management skills and business strategies for becoming an effective leader. Bright and early, students met at the gates of Hollywood Studios and were escorted to the Premier Theater; during this time the students were split into groups and were escorted to Epcot where they would begin their leadership strategies convention. As the students arrived they were met by a Disney guide where they were put to the task of demonstrating their business strategies and management skills. Each student was assigned a group that they were to work together with to create a logo design using Legos, so as to demonstrate their design skills. But, there were twists and turns in the building experience, as there are in real life, when students were switched out with other students from different groups and had new ideas to incorporate into the design.

Cassidy Delamarter and Savanna Collins Taping a Segment

Christmas Parade Offers MCA Learning Experience

"I started to collaborate on ways we can offer students industry experience. MCA is all about giving kids the opportunity to work in the real world experience, so that was the big motivator," said teacher, Jessica Hall of student involvement in the Lakeland Christmas parade television production.

"Basically we've been asked to fill the first 30 minutes of air time once the fireworks go off so we do everything from airing packages students have done, to helping run camera, and do graphics and live interactive commentating with people," Hall added.

MCA Logo

New Technology Brings Journalists into Tech-Era

Journalism students on the campus of Lakeland High School, until the last few months, have been stuck in the 20th century - reporting with pen, paper and Word Processor. Journalists on the Bagpipe and Highlander staffs are seeing a monumental change in the way they are reporting news. With funding, the technology the classes needs to report news as professionally as possible is now at their fingertips.