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Jen Simpson

Pathways to Success
Denison Middle School
Phone:  (863) 291-5353
Fax:  (863) 291-5347

Degree:  Bachelor of English, Bachelor of Secondary Education

Bio:  Mrs. Simpson graduated High School in Lexington, Virginia in 2003, and immediately moved to Florida to attend Florida Southern College. After earning her Bachelor's degrees in 2007, she didn't believe she had enough real-world experiences to teach, so she moved to Pennsylvania and worked for the Department of Environmental Protection. However, she soon realized the cold climate was no longer appealing to her and she missed being in the classroom, so she returned to Lakeland to pursue a career in education. She started teaching Language Arts at Denison in November 2008, and continued in the Language Arts classroom for five years. This year, she worked to create a curriculum around a subject her students hold very dear: video games; the goal was to develop the skills from core classes into a structured curriculum with a gaming base. Thus was born the AGES Pre-Academy.